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Healing Our Tribal Connections

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A Master Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Class Series
Presented in a Four Part Rites of Initiation by
Spiritual Teacher-Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Founder, Marja West

Two day intensive in the Mission

December 4-5, 2010

1-5PM  25 dlls each day

please reserve your spot.

Last year at the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 the Dalai Lama expressed, “The
world will be saved by the Western Woman.”  My initial response to this
declaration was, “Great, let’s do it!  We women here in the west are super
beings; we are leading the cutting edge of evolution for all our sisters and
brothers still caught up in the world patriarchy.”  Moments later I was
overwhelmed by a feeling of un-easiness as the reality of the plight of my
sisters and brothers became very clear:  The path we are actually on, relative
to the collective consciousness of humanity—is the path of destruction.
In order for Western Women to initiate conscious change in the world’s path and
save the world—we, as women, must heal and dissolve our complicity,
participation and addiction to the patriarchy.
* We must recognise our own violent reactivity to the masculine powers that be
through our emulating and acting like the so-called powerful men that have set
up this destructive world path in the first place.
* Too many of our sisters unconsciously and consciously choose to act like
unconscious men and strive at all costs (the loss and sacrifice of love, our
femininity, our children and families, our well-being and health, etc.) to be
“equal” to them—many of us expressing ourselves as if we were men, indulging in
behaviours contrary to the Divine Feminine, in our embodiment of the unconscious
* Expressing our masculine energies has certainly been an important tool in
rising through the ranks and facing the adversities of the predominantly male
world of politics and world business—but enough is enough—a balance must be
* We must dissolve all violence as perpetuated in dysfunctional relationships,
martyrdom, self-abuse, and self-sacrifice, and set a well balanced example of
wholeness to our sons and daughters.
* We women must dissolve our addiction and identification to victimhood,
self-sacrifice, and “dumbing down” our Divinity, and learn to embody the Divine
Feminine energies through mastering Self-care and Self-fullness.
* In doing so we bring into balance the entire world, dissolving the
unconscious Masculine, evolving-making conscious the Divine Masculine, bringing
forth the Divine Feminine, and teaching our sons and daughters their Divine
value, and the importance of balancing the male and female energies in all of
us—learning to wield and master these energies for the good of all humanity.
This four-part intensive and initiation asks that we look deeply into our
tribal/family structures and dissolve the programs that allow us to blame and
hate our fathers and mothers and ourSelves, and unwittingly co-create
generational dysfunction that perpetuates violence and an unconscious world bent
on the destruction and ravaging of our planet’s resources.  By dissolving these
programs, and realising that the world is NOT the planet, we can set forth a
collective intention of honouring our fathers and mothers and deeply embodying
the gifts downloaded to each and every one of us, allowing full expression of
these Divine Tribal gifts out in the world through world service.  Each of us
has specific gifts meant to be shared with the world-at-large and all of
humanity, for the good of humanity and our beautiful planet.
Join us in a two day intensive  on Saturday
4 December and Sunday 5 December for a wonderful collective healing and
initiation to wholeness, honouring the 16-Day Festival dedicated
to the Elimination of Violence Toward Women and Girls.
A collective Absolute Balanced Mastery™ healing will be invoked throughout the
intensive, allowing all of us to forgive and transcend the sins of our Selves,
Fathers and Mothers, and move into our respective places of power as conscious,
grown men and women.
Deeply intimate exercises and processes will be engaged in a
no-holds-barred-fashion, along with an anointing ceremony to complete each

Part one—loving our wounded inner child
Each of us has an inner wounded child who often runs our adult lives in ways
that disempower us—keeping us stuck in the past and looping in endless familiar
This wounded child is actually the chalice that holds our all our traumas—the
emotional-mental-physical-sexual abuse and neglect we’ve experienced. Through
these childhood experiences we have unconsciously solidified our beliefs and
manifested our realities as adults with matching scenarios, infecting the
world-at-large, affecting the ways we express or don’t express our personal
This is a heartfelt invitation to hold sacred space for this inner wounded child
by allowing and acknowledging his/her pain.  Let us all reclaim, nurture, and
set our inner wounded child free to  emerge—gifting our adult Selves with the
magic only an innocent child can bring forth.
Part Two—Forgiving Father, Embracing the Divine Masculine

Like it or not, our fathers are our first interface with the energies of the
Divine Masculine and the world-at-large.
This interface and connection becomes our template for our own masculine
directed-ness, focus, our ability to act on our own behalf, follow through and
take action.
Our fathers are also our foundational templates for the men in our lives—the
good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, and everything in between and beyond!
Whether our fathers were active and present in our upbringings or not—their
influence energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually
program our lives on many different levels—affecting our ability to embrace our
masculine and feminine energies, develop healthy self-esteem, manifest our
dreams, attract healthy relationships and love partnerships, and manifest
abundance and peace out in the world.
Discover the relationship between the Divine Masculine, our fathers, and
allergies or emotional-energetic disconnections to wheat and meat, and how these
affect the emotional, mental and physical bodies.
Let us all open to forgiving our fathers, transcend the sins of our fathers, and
move into our respective places of power as grown men and women.
Discover the gifts of your father and own your masculine power…become the
template of change and the powerful expression and example of balanced masculine
energies for your sons and daughters and for the world.
Part Three—Forgiving Mother, Embracing the Divine Feminine

Our mothers are our first interface with the energies of the Divine Feminine
that embrace and express the qualities of life, light, creativity, movement,
spontaneity, softness, generosity, nurturance, fluidity & flow, beauty and
This interface and connection becomes our template for our own feminine nature
regardless of being male or female.  When we are in conflict with our mothers
and the feminine—we are actually at war with nature and short-circuit our
inherent connection to love and joy.
The feminine—the goddess has many faces and moods—just like nature—there’s Her
fierceness in an erupting volcano, and her sublime beauty expressed in a
gorgeous sunrise. Our mothers and every expression of the feminine encompass an
infinite array of sanity and craziness, yet historically the patriarchy has
vilified and sought to destroy Her.  What we don’t realise is that all women
carry within their bodies the energy signatures of the unconscious masculine.
Discover the relationship between the Divine Feminine, our mothers, and
allergies or emotional-energetic disconnections to milk and dairy products, and
how these affect the emotional, mental and physical bodies—this includes our
ability to take care of ourselves and others from a place of empowerment.
Discover the gifts of your mother and own your feminine power… become the
template of change and the powerful expression and example of balanced feminine
energies for your sons and daughters and for the world.
Part Four—World Service—Sharing Our Tribal Gifts With The World

Now that we’ve unveiled the tribal gifts given to us through our fathers and
mothers, it’s time to really receive and own these gifts, and share them with
the world through WORLD SERVICE.
What is your purpose this lifetime? What is World Service?
Each one of us is an expression of The
This means that each one of us has a special contribution to make to humanity
and the world-at-large.  Believe it!  This means that only you can bring this
gift and expertise into the world—no one else can make your contribution.
Learn to navigate the process of evolving a J-O-B into a Career, and then
evolving a Career into your unique Vocation and World Service.
Discover what a World Service platform is and how you can connect with yours
using your birth date and destiny numbers, based on your birth name (and your
current name)…
Wake up, be lived, Divinely!   Let us as conscious awakened Men and Women take
our planet and world to a higher place!

Marja West Founder-Master Absolute Balanced Mastery™ Practitioner

About The Facilitator:  Marja West (mar’ya)
Marja West is an internationally recognised spiritual teacher, master energy
healing facilitator and the founder of Absolute Balanced Mastery™, an exciting
energy medicine-energy healing technology that facilitates the alignment of mind
(thoughts & beliefs), heart (feelings & emotions) and body with the Divine.
Adept at addressing the challenges of our current time, people of all ages enjoy
Marja’s fun, light, laugh-out-loud humour, and at times in-your-face-no-nonsense
delivery in her talks about healing, being here, now, and navigating modern
living with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in all of us.  Marja
has a background in Art; Astronomy & Physics; Dance; Martial Arts; Music, Hatha
Yoga & Women Studies. She is an Ordained Minister, Medical Intuitive, Pranic
Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Bioenergy Balancing® Practitioner and radio show
host for DIVINE NATION on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Network.  Her first book Love,
Now: Untying the Knot—A Spiritual Guide to Dissolving the World Through Making
Love Divine is near publication.  This is Book One of her three-book Absolute
Balanced Mastery™ Series on Living
Love. http://www.AbsoluteBalancedMastery.com/ Shriimate@gmail.com 415.563.6089

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  1. Please reserve me a space on Sat Dec 5th
    Love-Light-Blessings, Mark

    Mark Estrada MA

    November 29, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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