Activities to raise public awareness that say "END Violence Against Women & Girls!"

Ana Nitmar ROMPIENDO CADENAS Nov 27th 2010

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POEM  “We Want Flowers”

It dawns with long hair

the curvy day of womenfolk

How little is a single day my Sisters

how little

for the world to accumulate flowers

in front of our houses

from our craddle to our grave

the entire accidented path of our lives

should be paved with flowers to celebrate us

we want te see and smell the flowers

we want flowers from those who unhappy to see

us being born females  gave us away for adoption

we want flowers from those who did not send us to school

so that we could raise our brothers and help in the kitchen

flowers from he who covered our mouths

and crept in to our bed to rape us

while our mothers slept

we want flowers

from he who did not pay our wages

and fired us when he found out we were pregnant

we want flowers

from those who condemned us to die

by forcing us to give birth at the risk of our own lives

we want flowers

from those burnt us for being witches

and institutionalized us for being crazy

flowers from he who beats us, who gets drunk and

spends in booze our food money

dear sisters, we want flowers

from those who plant intrigue and speak falsehood

flowers from those who torture their own daughters,

their own mothers and daughters in law and who

harbor poison in their hearts against us

the people of their own gender…

we want flowers.

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December 2, 2010 at 1:32 pm

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